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What is Wax and Shatter

What is Shatter:

Alternatively known as “pull and snap” or “taffy,” this butane-extracted concentrate has the glossy, stiff texture of quickly cooled molten glass, hence the clever moniker. While other concentrates are defined by the agitation they sustain during extraction, shatter is distinguished not by agitation, but rather how it’s cooled. It involves a lengthy purge, heat, cool, repeat process (of at least 48 hours) that transforms the sticky resinous oil into the brittle dab we know and love.BHO extractions can produce THC percentages of up to 99%.

What is Wax or Budder:

Alternatively referred to as badder, batter or crumble, the creamy, moldable textures of wax and budder are tnt. An aggressive whipping will result in a drier, more crumbly wax, while an abbreviated, less intensive whip will result in a creamy budder. Waxes and budders can have percentages, perfumes, and flavor profiles identical to shatter or oil, meaning the only significant difference is their malleable texture.

Waxes and budders are easily manipulated onto a dab tool, making dosing simple, straightforward, and perfect for novice dabbers building up their dab clout.

 This pliable dab type is quick to melt, so make sure your dab tool is at a low room temperature before you attempt to pick up wax or budder with it.

what is the difference between shatter and wax

  • Wax is less stable but easier to handle
  • Shatter tends to last longer
  • Wax has more surface area which means it degrades faster
  • Shatter is more stable but harder to handle

Smoking Wax and Shatter

The concentrated form of cannabis called shatter can be consumed in so many ways which will be listed below:

    • Dab rig. This water pipe is like a bong except it will have a fitting for a nail.
    • Nail. This is like the bowl for your bong and where you will put the concentrate. The standard today is a quartz banger, which has a bucket shape. Ceramic and titanium are other options, and e-nails are becoming more common. Be sure to get the correct joint size, where the nail slides into the dab rig: If your rig has a 14mm stem, you need a 14mm nail. Nails can be male and female as well—you need a male nail for a female rig, and vice versa.
    • Dabber. Use this tool to apply the concentrate to the nail. They can be metal, glass, or ceramic, and have many shapes: ballpoint, needlepoint, scoop, spoon, paddle, etc. Pick a shape depending on the texture and consistency of the concentrate you’re dabbing.
    • Carb cap. Although not necessary, we highly recommend one of these to help regulate airflow. Combination dabber/carb caps are increasingly popular.
    • Torch. Mini-torches used for crème brulee are commonly used, but you’ll have to stock up on propane for them. Again, e-nails are increasingly common (but expensive) and cut out the need for a torch.

How To Dose Wax and Shatter 

Measuring a dab can be daunting as well. Different extracts have different THC concentrations, so it’s helpful to know how potent your concentrate is before dabbing it. It’s generally recommended to start small and increase the dose if you feel comfortable doing so.

A small dose is no bigger than a crumb. It may not look like much, but that’s a lot of THC going straight to the dome at once. Dabbing can feel a lot more intense to those accustomed to flower, but as your tolerance adjusts, the effects become less jarring.

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